Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve got answers to your burning questions about solar and solar panel installation.

Are there tax benefits to installing solar panels on my home?

Yes, the Federal Tax Credit increased to 30%. This means you will receive 30% of the total system cost back as a tax credit. An additional 10% can be added to the tax credit if they qualify for the domestically sourced goods portion of the bill. This applies to both commercial and residential and lasts until 2032.

Can I finance my solar project?

Yes, we offer financing options for any budget. Speak to your Bone Dry Solar representative for more information.

Will installing solar panels on my roof cause leaks?

Well-installed solar panels should never cause a roof leak. Engineers consider structural soundness and roof integrity when proposing, designing, and installing an array. Solar products are warrantied as is our work. Leaks should not be an issue as long as the panels are installed correctly.

Do solar panels have a warranty?

Bone Dry Solar offers a 10 Year Workmanship Warranty to our customers. Additionally, most inverters have a 10 year warranty (with the option to upgrade to a 25 year warranty), and panels and racking systems typically carry a 25 year warranty. Ask your Bone Dry Solar representative for more information.

Does Bone Dry Solar install solar panels on commercial properties?

Yes, we are able to install ground and roof mount arrays for commercial properties like warehouses, schools, manufacturing facilities, etc.

If it’s cloudy, will my panels still work?

Solar panels do work on cloudy days, just not as effectively as they would on a sunny day. Expect them to produce 10-25% of their normal power output, depending on the thickness of cloud cover.

Will I be able to sell back my energy to the utility company?

No. Net metering went away July 1, 2022. Although some utilities still offer a type of net metering or net billing, the 1 for 1 payback is no longer active. Bone Dry Solar will not sell a system producing more than 100%.

My Homeowners Association is restrictive. How do I speak to my HOA about installing solar?

In 2022, the Indiana state legislature passed a law to protect the property rights of Hoosiers who want to go solar. The law provides a clear path for homeowners in restrictive HOAs to get approval from their neighbors to install solar panels.

House Enrolled Act 1196 (or HEA 1196) protects anyone living in an HOA whose contract “prohibits, restricts, or limits the installation of solar energy systems by homeowners association members” or has unreasonably been denied a request to install solar panels. They can go through a two-step process to have their solar panels approved and then installed on their home.

If your HOA doesn’t prevent solar installations, nothing has changed for you. However, if you find yourself running up against prohibitions or restrictions on solar installations, this new law is for you! You can discuss this further with your Bone Dry Solar representative.

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